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"good professional ppl/doctors"Arnaldo Olveras

"This place saved my life. By the time I got here I was in agonizing pain. I couldn’t sit, stand or even lay down without even more pain l. No matter what I did I hurt and even threw up without warning from pain. After about 6 treatments by these doctors I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel. I go three times a week and let me tell you by the time Monday hits I’m counting the minutes. Every time I get an adjustment I leave feeling better and better!! I highly recommend these guys and was mind blown by chrio skepticism bc of how much these doctors improved my quality of life." - Tom E. Pierson

"Great service, attentiveness and professionalism. I recommend it." -Sandra Valderrama

 "Great customer service and treatment" -Joseph Wanamaker

"treating with dr. Mariani and his staff greatly reduced my daily pain in my lower back and hands !" - Provia Diggs

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